Mid-Week Fellowship Meeting

Our mid week fellowship and Prayer meetings are on a Thursday evening.  It is a varied  programme. We provide a safe place where we can be ourselves, enjoy good fellowship, growing as believers, sharing, praying, studying and discussing the bible together.

Meetings start at 7.30pm, the mid-week meetings will be held at the church.  

The Autumn programme will start on Thursday 4th October  

4th October - 7.30pm - Mid-week Fellowship 

11th October - 6.30pm - Tea and fellowship at church followed by mid-week meeting where we will be watching a DVD - How Great is our God  - this is awesome DVD - hope to see you there. (please let us know if you coming for tea so we can cater for you) 

18th October - 7.30pm -  Mid-week Fellowship 

25th october - 7.30pm - Mid-week meeting - we will be watching a video of Colin Urquhart 

There will not be a mid week meeting during half term 

8th November - 7.30pm - Mid-week meeting