Diary of Events

On 12th December - AGM  at 7.30pm

On 17th December - Carols by Candlelight at 6.30pm  

On 21st December  at 6.30pm -  Churches Together in Middleton Carol Service will take place at Parochial Hall


More announcements will be made when the building work is finished


From 23rd October to 1st December the builders will be in, therefore, there will be no mid-week meetings held at the church


Email: secretary_mpbc@sky.com     Telephone: 074 648 48150


Evening with Paul and Fiona Jones - 8th October 2017

We are privileged to host an Evening with Paul and Fiona Jones. The evening will commence with afternoon tea and then Paul and Fiona will share how their faith in God has changed their lives.

Paul Jones is the lead singer of Manfred Mann, & the Blues Band, he currently presents a Radio 2 and Jazz FM. Fiona is well known for a many Theatre appearances, her award winning West End Muscial "City of Angels".

There is limited space so although there is no cost you will need to ensure you have a ticket. Contact the secretary on the above e-mail or phone number to book you tickets. You will not be able to park in the churches car park due to health and safety reasons, however you can park in the clinic's car park located next to the church. Please do not park in the disabled spots as is where staff from the clinic will park. Parking in this car park is at the owners risk, the church nor the clinic will take any responibility for loss or damage.

We look forward to seeing you.


Building Work

The building work may start on Monday 23rd October. When it commences the builders will install a new disabled toilet, as well as two new ladies toilets and the gents toilets will be refurbished. The kitchen will move so that it will be a better shape and on one floor. The plans will be on display and if you wish to contribute to the building fund you will have the opportunity to do so.

The Meeting on Saturday 21st January - Celebrating 90 years of Worship, Witness and Service.

This was very well attended and a great time of fellowship and re-kindling of relationships took place for many who attended. The message from Rev Mark Clay was taken from Exodus chapter 16 verses 1 to 5.  Rev Clay shared we cannot live on yesterdays manna but we need to live each day a fresh with God. He challenged where are we with God today?

We were able to record the Sunday service which can be downloaded from the Audio section of the website.

It was a great time to meet and share with old friends. The church opened their doors at 1pm to allow guests to view the exhibition before the Service of Celebration, Praise and worship. Due to be building work being delayed  the exhibition will be up for a few more weeks.