Diary of Events


On Friday 2nd March at 7pm - Churches Together in Middleton Planning meeting

On Friday 30th March at 7pm - Good Friday Communion Service

On Saturday 31st March from 10am to 1pm - Sing along with Musical - come have fun, meet new friends and sing along to your favourite musical songs. Regardless of voice everyone is most welcome. Light Refreshments will be served

The weekend of 28th and 29th April we will be having an Open day on the Saturday from 10am to 4pm. Light refreshments will be served. There will be various displays. Come and look at how the building work has made the church more user friendly for the community.

On the Sunday we will be having a Thanksgiving Service celebrating God's provision in the way of the the building work.


on 4th February - Service of Prayer at 4.30pm - followed by tea. This has been arranged due to the great response to the request for prayer at the Paul and Fiona event in October. Prayer enables God to come into a situation giving us peace, sometimes confidence to carry on. During the service there will be corporate prayers, following the service there will be opportunity to ask for personal prayer.

If you are in need of prayer please contact us and we will prayer for you, it would be even better to pray with you on 4th.  

May God's love surround you and fill you that you may know in your deepest being just how fully and completely He accepts you and rejoices over you.

Why is Prayer so important?  

The Difference

Sitting in a hospital waiting room with my friend as his wife underwent major surgery, I was struggling to find words to comfort him. I wanted to tell him, “The best thing we can do is pray”. But it came out, “I guess all we can do is pray.”

What a difference between those two statements! One treats prayer as an exercise in despair, while the other is laced with confidence in a loving Father and His purposes. That moment could have been an opportunity for us to renew our trust in our God, but instead it bordered on pointless. Unintentionally I had wandered from the real purpose and privilege of prayer.

Prayer Matters

Few things reflect the wonder of following Christ like the privilege of prayer. Imagine – not only are you invited to bring our needs and concerns to the Creator of the universe we are encourage to do so boldly, not as slaves or subjects, but as children of God himself. We are called to prayer in order to connect our hearts with His. The God of heaven and earth actually wants us to talk to him! Jesus says, “This, then, is how you should pray....(Matthew 6:9)

Scripture tells us that Jesus prayed often when He walked upon the earth. Prayer was at the heart of His relationship with His Father, and it was something His disciples asked Him to teach them to do (Luke 11:1). Why? In part, no doubt, because of the impact they saw Jesus’ prayer life having on Him and His work. It was that obvious to them that prayer was vital to Jesus.

Hebrews tell us, “Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need” (Hebrews 4:16). Prayer is our opportunity to communicate with the God with whom all things are possible. It is what can bring the light of hope into the darkest of circumstances. It is both all we can do, and the best thing we can do.

No need is too trivial

Several mothers of small children were sharing encouraging answers to prayer. One woman, however, said she felt selfish about troubling God with her personal needs. “Compared with the huge global needs God faces,” she explained, “my circumstances must seem trivial to Him.”

Moments later, her little son pinched his fingers in a door and ran screaming to his mother. She didn’t say, “How selfish of you to bother me with your throbbing fingers when I’m busy!” She showed him great compassion and tenderness.

As Psalm 103:13 reminds us, this is the response of love, both human and divine. In Isaiah 49, God said that even though a mother may forget to have compassion on her child, the Lord never forgets His children (v.15). God assured His people, “I have engrave you on the palms of my hands” (v.16).

 Such intimacy with God belongs to those who fear Him and who rely on Him rather than on themselves. As that child with throbbing fingers ran freely to his mother, so may we run to God with our daily problems.

Our compassionate God doesn’t neglect others to respond to our concerns. He has limitless time and love for each of His children. No need is too trivial for Him.

Psalm 103 v 2:4 - What love

Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget no all his benefits,

Who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases,

who redeemd your lefe from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion.

Psalm 103 v10

He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities


Your forgiveness is total, no notebook, tape recorder or post-it note to remind you of the moment when......

You take our confession, offered with hands outstretched and gently, like the loving heavenly Father that you are, put it to one side to be forgotten.

No grudges, no itching for judgment. No resentment or ill-will. Not like us  who find it easy to say sorry but hard to forgive, absolutely.

Forgive us Father, that we are often more willing to accept forgiveness that to forgive.

more willing to accept your love, than to share it with those who hurt us.

Teach us to forgive, as you forgive.


I am pleased to announce the building work has now finished, and decorating the church will get underway in the New Year. The church now has access for wheelchair users, a toilet suitable for disabled persons to use. Two ladies toilets and gentlemen toilet. All with running hot and cold water. There is a child changing facilities also within the disabled toilet.  The kitchen has been moved to make it level floor access, again with full facilities. We have much to be grateful for and wish to share these facilities with the community.


Email: secretary_mpbc@sky.com     Telephone: 074 648 48150


Evening with Paul and Fiona Jones - 8th October 2017

We are privileged to host an Evening with Paul and Fiona Jones. The evening will commence with afternoon tea and then Paul and Fiona will share how their faith in God has changed their lives.

Paul Jones is the lead singer of Manfred Mann, & the Blues Band, he currently presents a Radio 2 and Jazz FM. Fiona is well known for a many Theatre appearances, her award winning West End Muscial "City of Angels".

There is limited space so although there is no cost you will need to ensure you have a ticket. Contact the secretary on the above e-mail or phone number to book you tickets. You will not be able to park in the churches car park due to health and safety reasons, however you can park in the clinic's car park located next to the church. Please do not park in the disabled spots as is where staff from the clinic will park. Parking in this car park is at the owners risk, the church nor the clinic will take any responibility for loss or damage.

We look forward to seeing you.


Building Work

The building work may start on Monday 23rd October. When it commences the builders will install a new disabled toilet, as well as two new ladies toilets and the gents toilets will be refurbished. The kitchen will move so that it will be a better shape and on one floor. The plans will be on display and if you wish to contribute to the building fund you will have the opportunity to do so.

The Meeting on Saturday 21st January - Celebrating 90 years of Worship, Witness and Service.

This was very well attended and a great time of fellowship and re-kindling of relationships took place for many who attended. The message from Rev Mark Clay was taken from Exodus chapter 16 verses 1 to 5.  Rev Clay shared we cannot live on yesterdays manna but we need to live each day a fresh with God. He challenged where are we with God today?

We were able to record the Sunday service which can be downloaded from the Audio section of the website.

It was a great time to meet and share with old friends. The church opened their doors at 1pm to allow guests to view the exhibition before the Service of Celebration, Praise and worship. Due to be building work being delayed  the exhibition will be up for a few more weeks.